Indian naval ships reach Australia for AUSINDEX-17 joint maritime exercise

Indian naval ships reach Australia for AUSINDEX-17 joint maritime exercise

New Delhi: Ships from India and Australia will participate in the bilateral maritime exercise of 17 AUSINDEX this week in order to improve interoperability and cooperation between the two forces.
The Indian navy vessels Jyoti, Shivalik and Kamorta make a port visit from Fremantle (Australia) from June 13 to June 17 and will join the exercise, the navy said. Vice Admiral and the commanding officer of the army command flag in HCS East Bisht will also visit Freemantle during the period.

During the stay at the port, several activities are planned such as official calls, official receptions on board ships that will also be open to visitors, guided tours for Indian naval personnel and professional interaction between naval personnel in both sides .

This would be the second edition of the exercise with the girl driving in Visakhapatnam in 2015.

The exercise aims to increase interoperability and is in line with increased cooperation between the two countries.

According to the policy of East India India, ships under the command of the commanding officer of the Rear Admiral of the Eastern fleet Biswajit Dasgupta are deployed overseas in the regions of Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean South.

INS Shivalik, a stealth frigate character, INS Kamorta, a war antisubmarine corvette, and INS Jyoti, replenishing oil from the fleet, are part of this business.

“The visit of ships of the Indian Navy aims to highlight the peaceful presence of India and solidarity with the friendly and harmonious country to ensure good order in the maritime field and strengthen the existing links between India and Australia” Said the Navy said in a statement.

In April of this year, Australian Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull visited India and began bilateral talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to improve collaboration between the two countries.

In May of this year, Singapore and India conducted bilateral Simbex maritime exercises in the dispute over the South China Sea. INS Shivalik, Jyoti and Kamorta were also part of this exercise.

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