London fire: Many feared dead as massive flames engulf 24-storey Grenfell Tower

London fire: Many feared dead as massive flames engulf 24-storey Grenfell Tower

The London Fire Department of Dany Cotton confirmed that there had been fatalities in the fire accident in a 24-storey tower in west London on Wednesday morning. “I am very sad to confirm that there have not been a number of deaths. I can not confirm the number at this time due to the size and complexity of the construction,” he added, adding that the cause of the fire has not yet been determined.
The fire accident occurred on the Latimer Grenfell Tower road in the White City. At least 30 people were transferred to five hospitals in the city, said the London ambulance service, in a statement. “In my 29 years as a firefighter, I’ve never seen anything on this scale. Firefighters are working very hard at the moment,” he told The Guardian. Cotton also added that firefighters were there on the scene within six minutes.
The London fire department said on Twitter that 40 firefighters and 200 firefighters were trying to dispel the block of fire from Lancaster Street West Estate. The fire department issued a statement saying the fire had spread from the second floor of the building’s upper floor. The area around the Grenfell round was disrupted and approximately 30 adjoining apartments were evacuated by police.
I’m lucky to be alive – and a lot of people did not leave the building, “said a survivor in The Guardian. I have lost everything I have. I am here in everything I have. “The survivors gathered at the Portobello Rugby Community Center near the tower.
The Metropolitan Police on the scene, asked people to stay away from the area for the time being. Police also said residents were evacuated from the tower and a number of people were being treated for various injuries. The London Ambulance Service said it had sent “a number of resources” to the North Kensington fire. The mayor of London Sadiq Khan issued a brief statement saying that “major incident” is said to tower Grenfell in Kensington. Check out the latest videos and photos of London fire here.
The Guardian reported that the tower contains about 120 homes. George Clarke, a British architect living near the tower, to Radio 5 who saw “light in the windows.”
“I’m covered in ashes, it’s serious.I have 100 meters and I’m completely covered in ashes.The kids do an amazing job trying to get people out of this building, but it’s really awful,” he said. Residents of the upper floors have shone torches to save.
In a statement posted on Facebook, deputy fire safety commissioner Dan Daly said: “Firefighters using a breathing apparatus are working very hard in very difficult conditions to deal with the fire. This is a serious and serious incident. And we have deployed many specialized resources and equipment. “The cause of the fire has not been determined. The audited reports mention that the police asked the families trapped in the building to cover their faces with wet towels and trying to escape. A line of emergency assistance was launched for those who want to learn about their friends and their families affected by the incident: 0800 0961 233

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