Macau struggles to recover from Typhoon Hato’s destruction

Macau struggles to recover from Typhoon Hato’s destruction

MACAO / HONG KONG, Aug 24 (Reuters) – Macao dominated chaos and confusion Thursday after one of the strongest typhoons rocked the country, killing at least nine people and leaving more than half of the city No water and energy, and Casinos dependent on backup generators.

Rescuers visited submerged cars on Thursday for people trapped in the former Portuguese territory, while emergency services underwent emergency calls to respond to crisis calls.

Many residents and tourists complained that the government was poorly prepared for Typhoon Hato and its destructive winds of more than 200 km / h (124 km / h).

The Macao Government announcer, CT, said Hato Typhoon, storm signals up to 10, was the strongest since 1968 to hit the world’s largest game center and welcome about 600 000 people.

“The city seems to be in a war,” said one official, who declined to be named because they were not allowed to speak to the media.

Hato on Wednesday hit Hong Kong’s neighboring financial center, ripped trees, flooded the streets, forcing hundreds of flights to be cut off and financial trade stopped. Thirty-four people injured in Hong Kong were reported unaffected by a 10-typhoon signal for five years.

At a time as Hato intensified, Hong Kong reported a storm warning signal, saying it was likely to go higher, but the Macau government classified Hato single sign of typhoon.

“I am surprised by the delay and lack of preparation that was given to this supermarket. Residents are at risk and in a position to assess whether the aid is ongoing,” said Ashley Sutherland-capstan, a marketing consultant in Macao.
Exteriors of the buildings, including parts of the multi-million dollar casinos, were ripped off by the powerful winds of Hato.

Videos of Macao residents sent to Reuters showed a man who was trying to keep his head out of the water in a locked parking lot full of debris while the other showed a large truck and thrown pedestrians on the sidewalks. Reuters was unable to independently verify the images.

While most of Macau’s big casinos, especially those operating in the Cotai-style Vegas strip, were trying to operate normally, many rely on backup generators.

Shares of Hong Kong stock exchanges were down as a result of an increase in the Hang Seng benchmark on Thursday, with total impact on game revenues and the unknown economic cost, analysts said.

Ledarney Nolan, director Handmade 852, a website for food in Hong Kong, was left inside the complex with Galaxy casino with his wife and three children, said that customers had been placed in safe areas.

Severe flooding overwhelmed Macao, which is building a new infrastructure, such as a light rail, to cope with a large increase in visitors.
Macao quickly became a sleepy fishing village more than a decade ago on a large gaming platform, although the infrastructure has largely failed to keep pace with its development.

The transport remained in chaos with damage to both ferry terminals in Macao and on roads full of traffic. Schools, museums and public places were closed on Thursday.

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