Area Muslims feel compassion inspired by fasting and prayer during Ramadan

For Niaz Hannan, the tradition of fasting and prayer during the month of Ramadan is a powerful exercise in your commitment and dedication to God.

“You stop taking for granted all the blessings you have, all bourgeois, such as food and drink. This creates an awareness of a person,” said Hannan, who serves as a magnet or religious leader, the Islamic Center of South Jersey in Palmyra.

This weekend marks the beginning of Ramadan, a celebration of the 30 days of the month when the Muslim Koran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad in 610. Meanwhile, Muslims in the region are seeking spiritual renewal through Of fasting every day from dawn to dusk, from Saturday. In observing this practice in itself, it is time to focus on God by devoting more time to prayer and understanding of the Qur’an.

As excessive desires are eliminated, generosity becomes a major focus during Ramadan, Hannan said. Many Muslims soon discover the ability to survive much less than they used to, he said.

“A person must develop compassion to give this excess more to those who need it,” Hannan said.

For Mr Syed M. Afzal, Hilltown, Ramadan is a time to think beyond your own needs. With their own hunger, he said, they think people from all over the world could be hungry every day.

“God created us for some reason, for some reason,” said M. Afzal. “With all the skill that God has given you, you must make a difference in not being here.”

“Through fasting, you feel compassion for others, you have to do something, you have to feed others, it is not just that,” he added.

Nihad Kaiseruddin, Montgomery Township, said he would think of the holy month as a “30-day training period,” which increases his relationship with God and continues beyond the conclusion of Ramadan.

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